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Where in the world is Landa Plenty going?

For three years Landa Plenty has been entertaining Hillcrest, she gives her farewell performance at DIVAS on Friday night.
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The San Diego DIVAS are celebrating two birthdays on Friday, one literally the other figuratively.

First, it's San Diego’s premier cos-play drag queen Kickxy Vixen-Styles’ birthday. Everyone who knows Styles can attest to her incredible knowledge of all things pop culture, comic books, and X-(wo)Men.  

December is Kickxy’s birth month and the DIVAS star is going to celebrate in a special way. 

“Originally, I wanted it to be a full-on geek, cosplay show,” Kickxy tells us. “But none-the-less, it’s going to be cosplay with comedy queens.”

The rest of the cast will also honor their sister by paying homage to her unique brand of entertainment. 

“It’s going to be a fun show with laughs and characters from movies, comics, and pop culture with a drag twist," she adds. 

Speaking of twists, the other birthday is a metaphorical one. 

Three-year veteran Landa Plenty will trade the DIVAS runway for a real thing, becoming a flight attendant for Delta Airlines.

Kickxy is sad to see her go but explains it's the nature of the business. 

"Having a cast member leave is always hard," she said. "But it’s part of the drag life. If you don’t do drag full time or if it’s not paying the bills, you have to go where the job calls. Landa will always be a DIVA and I wish her the best."

We talked to Landa Plenty about her new adventure and she wanted to give San Diego a personal farewell: 

Wow! I did not think the time will come for me to say Goodbye San Diego, or what I like to say, 'See Ya Real Soon!'

My journey here in San Diego has been an amazing rollercoaster. Initially arriving in SD without knowing a solitary soul, to finding it difficult to say goodbye to now family and friends.

Again, not goodbye, see ya real soon.

I cannot leave without saying thank you, full-heartedly, to the people who supported my journey as a performer. I truly could not have accomplished my goals in California without the continuous support and confidence you had in me to do what I love: entertain!

As I embark on my new adventure to becoming a Diva in the skies with Delta, I implore you to preserve Hillcrest's community. It is filled with wonderful artists, activists, supporters, adventurers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, to name a few.

Continue to support your fellow brothers, sisters, and allies.

Now I leave you with one of my favorite verses in a song from TV show Smash, “Don’t Forget Me”:

“There are some in this world who have strength on their own, never broken or in need of repair. But there are some born to shine who can’t do it alone, so protect them and take special care… Take care…”

Can I Get A DING DING San Diego!?

--Landa Plenty

We here at San Diego Gay and Lesbian News want to wish a very happy birthday to Kickxy.

We also wish the greatest success to Landa Plenty as she keeps reaching for the stars one Airbus and layover at a time!

DIVAS at Rich's is on Friday, December 15, 2017, starting at 7 pm.

Rich's is located at 1051 University Ave, San Diego, 92103.