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Watch this beautiful engagement video of San Diego couple

Photo credit:
Bryn Andrew - Facebook

Congratulations are in order for Bryn Andrew and Eric Phelps a San Diego couple who celebrated a very special day with a very special announcement this week.

This once-in-a-lifetime moment happened at the RiSE festival in the Mojave desert. Each year thousands of people send uplifting communications to the heavens in the form of safe candle-driven paper lanterns.

"The lanterns are a canvas on which each person can express their own message together as they collectively rise in one massive display of awe-inspiring beauty," Bryn told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

Their personal lantern read, “6 years down…& a Lifetime to go. Bryn, Eric, Bentley and Murphy Brown” and was released into the sky along with about 15,000 others. Bentley and Murphy Brown are their dogs. 

The couple met randomly at Redwing, a local bar in North Park said Bryn, "Ever since then, 6 years ago, we've been on a path towards building our future together."

Amid the beauty of the lanterns and the backdrop of a moonlit sky, Bryn decided he would secure that future by asking Eric to marry him. 

The couple has achieved many things since meeting, including opening their own health food delivery service called Eat Clean Meal Prep.

As for wedding plans, Bryn says they plan to marry in the summer of 2018 and it will be, "just as amazing as the incredible engagement video."  

Bryn was able to capture their special moment by hiring Wondertree Media to inconspicuously follow them around the RiSE festival that day and night.

Their video has been viewed over 4k times. 

The beautiful proposal video was captured by Wondertree Media and can be seen HERE.

For more information on the safety of the lighted candles and the RiSE event click HERE