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Watch Rich's glorious video of San Diego Pride 2017

Rich's glorious new video captures the fun of Pride 2017 in Hillcrest.
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San Diego Pride 2017 was the most successful one ever and Rich’s Nightclub has just released a video to show you the energy of the weekend.

The video starts out as an aerial view of the celebration but it also goes down to street level and finally into the musical celebrations and themed circuit parties such as Massive, hosted by the nightclub. 

Organizers say that this year’s theme, “Allied in Action: United for Justice,” may have contributed to its success.

Chloe Janda, Public Relations Manager for San Diego Pride, said over 200,000 people came out and joined the celebration. 

Rich's has been a landmark for Pride events and this year was no exception. 

Check out the video below and let us know if you see yourself in the crowd.