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Men and cats celebrated for International Cat Day

Men and cats are celebrated for International Cat Day.
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For those of you who think dogs aren’t the only ones that can be man’s best friend, take a look at these handsome men with their adorable cats.

Tuesday was International Cat Day and to celebrate Gay Star News posted some pictures taken from the Instagram page #hotdudeswithcats.

Despite the hashtag name, some women are also celebrated on the page, but we selected a few photos that embody the namesake.

Take a look at these men who are not afraid to show off their sensitive side while taking selfies with their favorite furry friend.

And remember, the San Diego Humane Society has plenty of cats and kittens to choose from if you are looking to add to your family. 

Recently the San Diego Humane Society asked for the public's help in naming the 10,000th kitten born in their nursery. 

After looking over 400 entries, they decided to name him "Nova" which means "birth of a star."

For more information on the San Diego Humane Society Call (760) 888-2275. To visit the website, click HERE.