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Meet the seismic DJs of CityFest after dark

DJ Taj and DJ K-Swift are lighting up the night under the Hillcrest sign for CityFest after dark.
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DJ Taj - Facebook

CityFest has been deemed the final street fair of summer, but DJ K-Swift and DJ Taj are lighting up the night underneath the Hillcrest sign just after sunset.

Thousands of people are expected to fill University Avenue on Sunday, August 13, but as daylight fades into the night the excitement really gets started, especially with these talented artists to light the way. 

San Diego native, DJ K-Swift will start out the evening. He never seems to get a weekend off and he wouldn't have it any other way. You've probably seen him at special events and enjoyed his unique style with late-night performances throughout the neighborhood. 

This will be his third consecutive time playing at CityFest and he is already getting chills in anticipation of the festival's return. 

"I'm honored to be selected to play for all the people of Hillcrest and visitors of the surrounding communities," he says. "The energy is out of this world when you are playing in front of thousands of people."

As for his set, DJ K-Swift plans to provoke the needle on the Richter scale.

"I will be playing a lot of top 40 remixes with EDM bass lines," he said,"I will also be playing some electro dance mixes as well."

After all the dust settles from DJ K-SwiftDJ Taj will come in with some aftershocks.

Taj was a prominent music mixologist this year for the biggest Pride weekend in San Diego history. But don't think he's going easy on the crowd at this event.

“Playing the CityFest festival is one of my most favorite events to play in San Diego,” he tells SDGLN. “For us locals, it's one of our last big events for the summer so the energy is always through the roof!”

He reveals that his set for the evening isn't for those who like to sit down. Even though CityFest ends at 11 pm, he wants to energize those going out afterward with disco defibrillation. 

"I'll be playing a high energy set of 'hands in the air' style EDM. I'm the closing set so I want to make sure I send people off to all the fun Hillcrest clubs ready to rage!!"

These two DJs are going to power up the crowd at CityFest after dark, and for two-and-a-half hours this Sunday night, Hillcrest will be lit by its sign and their sound. 

DJ K-Swift goes live at 8:30 pm and DJ Taj will bring it home at 9:45 pm. 

Hillcrest CityFest Street Fair and Music Festival is on Sunday, August 13, 2017, from noon to 11 pm at University and Fifth. 

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