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This new Hillcrest trend is going to rock you

One of the many Hillcrest stones hidden around the community.
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Hillcrest Rocks Rocks Rocks - Facebook

You're out on a daily walk in Hillcrest one morning and something catches your eye: a beautiful hand-painted rock is hidden just beneath the shrubbery near the sidewalk.

Not to worry, it's probably meant to be there thanks to a new nationwide trend which is making its way to Hillcrest.

It's called "Community Rocks," and it's part of a social media movement meant to get the community outside and active, but bring a smile to their faces at the same time. 

The trend is being set by cities all over the country and thanks to local artists is making Hillcrest just a little bit more colorful and fabulous. 

The play “Lube: A Modern Love Story” is sponsoring the page “Hillcrest Rocks Rock Rocks” and the concept is as simple as an Easter egg hunt or even Pokemon Go.

Just find a rock and decorate it however you wish then hide it somewhere around the community.

Hopefully, an eagle-eyed citizen will see it and take a selfie posting it to the group forum. The finder can either keep the rock or re-hide it for the next urban explorer. 

“Lube: A Modern Love Story” has already started the Hillcrest treasure hunt by commissioning an artist to paint members of their cast on river rocks. They have hidden them around the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

The San Diego Facebook groups Coronado Rocks, Santee Rocks and La Mesa Rocks have thousands of members and the producers of “Lube” would like the same sort of response from Hillcrest.

One important thing to note is that on the back of the art stone you should write "Post my photo on Facebook HILLCREST ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS!"  or "hide me again, keep me or share me." 

Hillcrest has many creative and artistic people. If you look long enough, you may find something painted by one of our famous drag queens, business owners or local celebrities.

Just make sure you respect other people's property and don't take anything that doesn't appear to be a part of this mass artistic movement.