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Jack'd now blurs exact location of its US users

Hookup app Jack's is blurring GPS locations in the U.S.
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The dating app Jack’d has taken safety precautions for their U.S. subscribers by blurring the exact locations of people using the service.

The company says they started using the feature in notoriously homophobic countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, but activated it in the US due to the recent increase in hate crimes. 

lon Rivel, Director of Global Marketing at Jack’d said, “Since the 2016 election, however, there has been a surge in bullying and hate crimes against the LGBTQ community in the US.  As a result, a growing number of gay men here want to increase their privacy and keep their locations private, too.”

GPS still works on the app but now it adds a rounding error to coordinates, allowing other men to know who is nearby without revealing a precise spot.

The company says even their servers do not know users exact locations.    

Jack’d officials say hate crimes are plaguing the community, citing Los Angeles, New York and Boston as primary examples. 

They also say Washington DC saw a 59-percent increase in hate crimes in 2016.  

And in Boston the crimes against LGBT people surpassed those against Muslims, Jews, Latinos and Asians. The Boston Globe reports that their police department figures show the LGBT community is a top target for hate crimes and it doesn’t appear to be waning.

“The world will live in is still not LGBTQ tolerant and with 70% of our users being young millennials, we have to be proactive in protecting their privacy,” says Rivel.