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Pride after Pride: who cleans up Hillcrest afterward?

Come out and show pride after Pride.

After all the celebrations of Pride are over and everyone is at home reflecting on the weekend, there is still much to do in the community by way of clean up.

The Hillcrest Town Council hosts their annual Post-Pride Clean-up event on the Monday following San Diego Pride and they could use your help.

People in the community are encouraged to come out and have fun, meet each other and enjoy some breakfast at Pardon My French before heading out. 

All materials needed to pick up litter and remnants of the celebration will be provided, but organizers are encouraging volunteers to wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Participants should also protect themselves by bringing with them Sunscreen, hats, and carry plenty of water.

After the clean-up is complete - about two hours -  everyone will meet at Urban Mo's for free refreshments. 

The Hillcrest Town Council Post-Pride Clean-up will meet at Pardon My French at 8 am for free coffee and breakfast.   

Pardon My French is located at 3797 Park Blvd, San Diego, 92103.

Urban Mo's is located at 308 University Ave, San Diego,  92103

Although registration is not required, you can RSVP to Andrew Dugger at andrew.dugger85@gmail.com with any questions.