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Gay man offers to father child on Hillcrest Nextdoor app

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A gay Hillcrest Central man just wants to be a father and he’s taken to the social media platform Nextdoor to make his request known.

Westley Paul says that he is a “masculine regular guy that happens to be gay,” and he is looking to father a child.

In his app post, he is specific about the criteria in his search for a female.

“I guess what I'm saying is id [sic] be willing to meet a single female or female couple whom is looking to have a child and is looking to have a guy help with the biology needed as it were.”

Paul wants to meet with the potential mother(s) beforehand for a chat. He wants to make it clear that he would like to play a part in the child’s life, “as a father and could work this out with the mother or mothers.”

But some responders to his listing are understandably skeptical especially offering a service of this nature in a forum filled with garage sales, lost pets, and neighborhood news.

“This again strikes me as an unusual method to use to achieve the sort of goal you are stating,” writes Linda Sola, “New-ish to the area, it's also likely that establishing a forever parenting relationship with you raises red flags, rather than interest. Your first post received some responses with advice on other strategies to take that involved professionals to guide the process. That's probably the best way for creating and raising a child that covers the safety of all involved.”

As for his physical details, Paul describes himself as an ash blonde with blue eyes, and six-feet tall guy from Europe, “And yes I have an accent…”

He recognizes that going on the neighborhood app to offer his “biology,” is a bit unorthodox, but he says he  just wants to “throw it out there to any couples or singles that are looking to have a child and become a parent as I am.”

Further, even though Paul claims he is gay, he believes a child should have a “male and female” parent and any more is just a “bonus.”

He writes that he has no illnesses and is “vibrant, creative, loyal, independent guy with a “ton of charisma.”

He says he has already received private messages from interested parties, but one reader of his ad says there might be a better way to accomplish his goal.

Deborah Gostin: “Hi Westly, since this is the third time I've read your request yet I've seen no responses, I decided to do a quick google search to see where you might have much better luck reaching out to others interested in what you're offering. I came across a site: https://www.coparents.com/want-baby.php' by searching for 'gay man wants to father a child where to look.' So it's CoParents.com.

We reached out to Westley Paul through private message on Nextdoor, asking if he could tell us, "why you chose to put this request on Nextdoor, and why you, as a gay man, think children need to have a 'male and female' parent, even though you are also looking to help out a lesbian couple? Have you had any takers on your offer?"

In his response, Wesley wrote, "I'm afraid your undertone and approach in this message it's completely inappropriate and your statements are also off and I do not wish to speak to you have a great day."