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Dear Hillcrest, with Jinx Mirage

Jinx Mirage travels around the neighborhood last week to fill you in one some of the social happenings in Hillcrest
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My name is Jinx Mirage and I am your new social columnist for SDPIX and SDGLN.com.

I have lived in Hillcrest for a little over 3 years and due to me being a social butterfly in Hillcrest I have made friends with The Who's Who.

And I am always up to date on all the great events coming to Hillcrest and San Diego.

I can't wait to tell you guys all about them while always covering  ideas, thoughts and what you all wanna hear about.

So I figured I would introduce myself by telling you about a few events I got to cover this past weekend. 


I started my Friday night with checking out Top Of the Bay, a roof top party located at the Porto Vista Hotel.

Giving you some amazing views stretching from La Jolla to Coronado.

Top of the bay is the perfect way to start off your weekend.

Especially after a long day in the office, it was great to enjoy a nice cold cocktail, new beats by San Diego favorite Dj Dirty Kurty and the view of the little Italy and the marina.

After finishing a few cocktails and laughs we heading up to Hillcrest for what I like to call "Flichs". We always like to start a Friday night in Hillcrest at Flicks, it's the perfect meet up spot for you and your friends. 

With the video request thru the "Hillcrest Social" app you get to enjoy all your favorite music videos on one of the several flat screens.

Between that and the strong but inexpensive cocktails, you will be ready to hit the dance floor at Rich's Nightclub.

Now as long as you subscribe to the text, you can get free cover before midnight. 

Where you get a dance work some of SoCal's hottest go go dancers, Hillcrest's best DJ's and their newly updated lighting. 


Next on my weekend journey I meet up with Hillcrest's ClubKid Diva Glitz Glam for her first annual "GLAM-A-THON for VIDA". 

Vida is a newer 501C foundation that focuses on education and prevention of new Latino HIV cases in  the Latino youth community; the fastest rising demographic in our community.

I got to sit down with Glitz Glam and asked her what inspired the Glam-a-thon. Glitz informed me that the idea actually came from Vida curator Esteban, "I love the DreamGirls Revue, but I wanna see the Glitz Revue."

And there you go: An avant garde drag show with all of Glitz Glam's Freaky bitches.

With performance from legendary Lady Va jayjay and local girls Kicky Vixen-Styles, Sienna Desire, and Grotesque. If you want to donate to Vida you can contact Glitz Glam for more info. 

Sunday Funday

What's better than a pool party and house music........ go ahead I'll wait... exactly lol. 

Well, this past Sunday LE Parties kicked off the summer with Season 2 of there pool parties at the Lafayette Hotel. 

Now the day definitely didn't start out right. Mother Nature saw fit to keep the sky cloudy and cold.

But thank God we live in San Diego because by 2 p m the sky opened up, as if God said "Dance your little gay heart out" lol.

The ReHab pool party was a awesome mix of Hillcrest and North Park locals enjoying the EDM/House music beats, syringes filled with champagne and sexy nurses handing out candy medicine.

If you haven't gone to one yet, you definitely don't  wanna miss this summer '17 pool party series.  

After soaking up some sun I made my way to Gossip Grill for Souliel, a house music phenomenon that is growing with every passing event. 

Souliel kicked off its summer series as well which made the day even better. Souliel set good vibes thru Hillcrest with their soulful house beats with the ALL VINYL EDITION sets by Mikeytown, Cris Herrera and Dj Aja. Souliel will be every Sunday 3 pm-10 pm at Gossip Grill. If you love dancing to house music and enjoying a 2-4-1 happy hour that goes 'til 6 pm then you're gonna sashay yourself down to Gossip Grill Sundays this summer. 

And that was my weekend. Wow didn't realize how much I did until I wrote it down. Well I guess this will make me a great social columnist. Now if there are any ideas, advice or events you want me to cover you can contact me on my Facebook or email me at JinxMirage@gmail.com.

So look out for my "Out & About" posts, articles and whatever else I come up with and join my new journey with SDPIX and sdgln.com.

I'm Jinx Mirage your social columnist and you stay classy San Diego