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Here is why June is Pride Month

First declared by Bill Clinton, June is LGBT Pride Month.
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Cities across the nation are preparing for their LGBT Pride festivals and Google has given their search engine a rainbow border so that must mean it’s time to celebrate LGBT Pride for the next 30 days.

June was first declared "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" by then President Bill Clinton on June 2, 2000. The month is significant to community as it was the month in 1969 when LGBT people rose up and declared their independence during the Stonewall riots.

A turning point in our history when activists, tired of being oppressed rose up and fought back against police in a rather violent gay bar raid.  

President Barack Obama continued the LGBT Pride month tradition through the years from 2009 to 2016.

This year however, Donald Trump did not honor that tradition and remained silent. Instead his daughter Ivanka tweeted that she was in support of her LGBT friends.

U.S. cities from Albuquerque, NM to Wichita KS and plenty more in-between will take their Pride to the streets with celebrations and colorful events honoring different groups in the community.

San Diego will celebrate its own Pride Parade and Festival on July 15 through 16. 

We here a San Diego Gay and Lesbian News and all of Hale Media wish the community a happy LGBT Pride month.