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Hillcrest Town Council welcomes Jae Mohr to the Board

Jae Mohr will join the Hillcrest Town Council and serve until the end of her term in 2018.
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Jae Mohr - Facebook

The Hillcrest Town Council welcomed its newest member to the Board on Wednesday.

Jae Mohr was announced to take a recently vacated seat on the Board and will finish out the term which ends in March 2018.

Mohr, originally from St. Petersberg, Florida, relocated to San Diego in 2014 and has fallen in love with the neighborhood, the city ever since.

Her past is filled with service not only to the community, but the country as well.

A four-year Air Force veteran, with an M.A. in Women’s Studies, she currently works in Human Resources.

Jae spent the first decade of her career in social work and teaching at the University of South Florida.

From advocating for women's rights to rallying on environmental issues, Jae spends some of her time helping local organizations with their causes.

She is looking forward to being a board member in the Hillcrest Town Council.