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Meet the men behind San Diego's LE Parties

LE Parties produces some of the most awesome events in the community.
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LE Parties

Summer is approaching and that means there are going to be plenty of parties in and around Hillcrest, San Diego.

One of those events will be held on Sunday, May 7, for the Heat Summer Kick-off Party at the Lafayette Hotel

These fun events are filled with music, beautiful people and drinks. But first, these epic shows require an original vision. 

In fact, "Heat" producers Michael Swenson and John Joseph created LE Parties to give people an experience they won’t soon forget.

“We love taking our events to different cities and venues because it keeps things fresh for guests and our staff as well. The name LE Parties was born under the concept of throwing an epic party that people will remember and want to go to again,” Swenson told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (SDGLN).

Originally called “Location Events,” the party duo started entertaining crowds over 15 years ago. They have since changed the name to LE Parties and have never looked back.

John says, “We first used it to in 2008 to do an 80's themed party at Rich's on a Sunday and then when we started to do the pool parties in 2013, LE Parties was our main brand and we have only expanded it and made it into what it is today. Now we are throwing epic day and night parties and only getting bigger each year.”

The businessmen had a vision to create parties across the globe. Michael says he likes to work with a blank canvass -- just walls and a dancefloor -- that way he can bring out the personality of the party on his own terms; like a sculptor to marble.

"We hear at all of our events, how guests show up where ever our venue may be and how we manage to transform the space to something never been done before. The visuals, the sound, the ambience, even the way lobbies and bathrooms smell, and yes they smell great, we think of. We go beyond traditional events and blow expectations with things never been down before.”

This philosophy stems from the business they have done in the past for corporate events, hotels and casinos.  They finally were at a place to produce their own events.

“We throw events for everyone, we aren't specific on who we want to attend, all are welcome here,” says John. “Plus we put a lot of hard work and time into planning out the parties to make sure the experience is like no other.  Lots of decorations, great music, vendors, and even giveaways for everyone to take home from the events.”

“We have worked with in the past and now can produce our own events,” adds Michael, “We are mobile and basically can achieve anything we need as we have the resources to do so if given the budget. As our parties grow so do all that comes with it and that’s why they keep getting more epic each year!”

The first thing the guys consider when they initially get their contracts is probably the most important aspect of organization: What would they want to experience when they attend a celebration.

They consider everything from the time of day, to the energy of the clientele. 

“We basically sit and plan everything out at the same time to make sure everything is met.  We are giving them epic, so we make sure everything we do is just that,” says John.

Le Parties differs from other production companies because others sometimes only focus on the promotional part of the event.

John says planners should add as much to the event as they possibly can, “the more there is for someone to do or experience the better.”

They are expecting 500 people at their upcoming Lafayette pool party event and they promise it’s going to be a kick-off to summer like never before.

“To say we are easing into summer would be better put as ‘hold on here we go!!’ says Michael. “We’re like a horse race out the gate at our events. They are packed, all types of people gay, straight, tall short, it doesn’t matter. But the main things are the experience and the music, and drinks!”

John says the Heat Summer Kick-off Party will be a “full production event with lots of decorations, new vendors, drink specials, two amazing DJ's and we started pre-sale tickets at $12 so we are sure to sell it out!”

For more information on LE Parties and The Heat Summer Kick-off Party including tickets, click HERE.

The Heat Summer Kick Off Party will take place at the Lafayette Hotel on Sunday, May 7th. 

The Lafayette Hotel is located at 2223 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, 92104. (619) 296-2101