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'Making Love' on the big screen March 15, in Hillcrest

Harry Hamlin in "Making Love," showing in Hillcrest March 15.

Thirty-five years ago, long before gay-themed movies became more mainstream and box-office draws, there was one which perhaps paved the way for all the rest, “Making Love.”

FilmOut is presenting this groundbreaking feature on the big screen at the Landmark theater in Hillcrest on Wednesday, March 15 at 7 pm.

In the early eighties, gay men in cinema were still treated as they had always been: tragic characters who either became serial killers or killed themselves out of shame.

But director Arthur Hiller changed all of that in this drama. Although not completely free of the gay man trope, the film did cast big name stars in the title roles, including Harry Hamlin who had just come off of his Greek God role in “Clash of the Titans.”

Kate Jackson, fresh from her duties at Townsend Agency on jiggle TV’s hit show “Charlie’s Angels," embodied a wife surviving a marriage to a man with conflicting sexual feelings.

Played by Michael Ontkean, her husband Zack is becoming more aware that he may be gay, and starts entertaining the idea that he is falling in love with the handsome Bart (Hamlin).

This of course brings discourse to his marriage, having to lie and sneak around to rendezvous with Bart.

Although not a great box office success, the film did manage to rake in over $11 million dollars, making it one of the most successful LGBT films in history at the time.

“Making Love” was highly controversial, the trailer even comes with a warning disclaimer, but survived the criticisms and went on to become somewhat of a cult favorite.

The movies theme song was also a success, garnering a Golden Globe nomination.  

"Making Love" will play on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Hillcrest Cinemas - Landmark Theatres

Hillcrest Cinemas - Landmark Theatres is located at 3965 5th Ave. San Diego, CA 92103

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased HERE