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Women unite in 'A Day Without a Woman' worldwide protest

Worldwide protest brings women together for equal rights in the workplace.
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New York Times

Today the U.S. may have to endure a nationwide protest as tens of thousands of women are striking in solidarity for International Women’s Day.

“A Day Without a Woman,” is a worldwide rally in celebration of International Women's Day,  bringing awareness to the inequality still present in the workplace under male dominance.

Over a century ago, women walked off their jobs  over unequal pay and unbearable working conditions.

Today, the “Day Without a Woman” movement is asking that they do the same thing by calling out from work, boycott shopping, unless those businesses are owned by women,

If they are not in a position to take the day off of work, women are encouraged to wear red in support of the protest.

LGBT activist and Pennsylvania House of Representatives member, Brian Sims says it’s shameful that even in 2017, women are still only paid 80-cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts.

"In my 5 years in Harrisburg, I have fought every day to be a strong ally of our Women, and I am proud today to stand with our neighbors, coworkers, mothers, sisters, wives and daughters in their fight for equality,” he said in an email statement. “Every session I am a prime sponsor of equal pay legislation, I support funding for our schools, and defend women’s access to healthcare and reproductive services. I know that Pennsylvania and our nation will be stronger if we support and empower women instead of treating them like second class citizens.”

The protest is affecting some schools across the nation, as many teachers are reportedly taking the day off. 

Prince George's County school district in Washington said in a statement that they are observing the protest by closing for the day.