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Mo's trivia champ donates winnings to help trans community

Paulo Batista (fourth from left) donates his trivia contest winnings to local trans charity.
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Lukas Volk

One Hillcrest trivia buff has put his money where his knowledge is and donated his substantial winnings to support the San Diego trans community.  

Paulo Batista isn’t used to using his trivia answering skills in public, but when he won Mo’s Brain Vs. Brawn (BB) contest he had an idea; to donate that money to a good cause, one very close to his heart.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News talked to Paulo about his recent windfall and why he chose to put that money toward charity and not his own bank account.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: How long have you been playing trivia games? Are there any topics that you find more difficult? What's your favorite topic?

Paulo: Although this is my first real trivia contest in a public setting, I feel I may be addicted now.  I would have to say sports are by far the hardest topic... as I am not a sport enthusiast. Favorite topic...would definitely be science, I always like learning new material.

SDGLN: Why was it important for you to donate your winnings to Trans Family Support Services?

Paulo: As an open transgender male, I relate to different parts of the LGBTQ community.  Throughout my transitional journey, I identified  as a lesbian to a bisexual female, then to a transgender male who is queer.

Its been a very progressive process of learning to love myself and become a mentor to our youth.

I feel our youth is our future and they need to support now more than ever. Trans Family Support Services does just that! This organization helps open hearts and minds to many who are misinformed on transgender and issues and what our youth are facing.

SDGLN: California seems to be progressive enough to embrace transgender folks; what can the state do to be more inclusive?

Paulo: The state of California is doing an amazing job already with protective laws. I ultimately, would love to see a continuation of protections and support at legislative level to keep the state's population safe.

I believe State Sen. Toni Atkins is doing an astounding job fighting for inclusive rights for our LGBTQ community.

The current State Sen. Toni Atkins bill that has been introduced recently,  would add a non-binary gender marker option on legal state documents; such as, drivers licenses, birth certificates, I.D.s, and gender change court orders, simplifying the process to get one's gender changed. This a huge step for Equality California who advocates for LGBTQ rights.

SDGLN:  Are you  involved with other LGBT organizations?

Paulo: I try my best to work with multiple parts of the community and the different organizations within it. I work at Target, who is a very supportive corporation to their LGBTQ employees.

When I go to my store asking for donations for different 5013c organizations in the community, they do not hesitate to contribute  and are glad to be included. This helps in many ways to offer support to the LGBTQ community  and the youth.

I had a positive experience at the trivia contest at Urban Mo's. I was able to open about myself making new friends and opening many minds about the transgender community. I can say I would love to do it all again if offered the opportunity.

SDGLN takes its hat off to Paulo for his win and continued support of the LGBT community. 

For more information on Trans Family Support Services click HERE. 

Additionally, On Thursday, March 2, 2017,  Project Trans at The Center will hold a candlelight vigil in honor of the eight young transgender women killed in 2017. The rally will be held at the Pride Flag on University Avenue and Normal Street at 6:30 pm. 

Click HERE for more details.