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'American Idol' star starts San Diego kickball league

America's Finest Kickball League was founded by "American Idol" contestant Keith London in San Diego.
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List Paducah

Local entertainer Keith London of American Idol fame wants to bring back the sport of kickball to America’s Finest City, the champions of which will receive a $500 cash prize.

"America's Finest Kickball League" is now holding open registrations and the entire community is invited to join. 

“I'm looking to put together a very fun and open environment for anyone 18 and older to come together to play kickball,” said London.

The season starts on March 4, 2016,  and goes to April 29, 2016. So far three teams have been assembled to compete in the league: “Below the Belt,” “What the Pitch” and “Kickballerz.”

Each new team will consist of 11-19 players.

“They can expect a minimum 12 game season, official umpires, lots of fun and the league champions will receive $500,” adds London.

If you sign up as a coach, the registration fee will be waived.

The sport is played just like you remember, with a diamond, pitcher, infield and outfield positions. 

Regulation games are seven innings or 50-minutes, whichever comes first. 

“I truly just want to bring people together to play a game I love," said London.

If you are interested in joining the league or finding out more information, click HERE