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GoFundMe page set up for displaced resident Jason Blair after Hillcrest fire

Early December fire displaced Hillcrest resident, destroying belongings.
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On Thursday, December 1, a fire broke out in Hillcrest just above the “famaliving” furniture store.

It is a mixed-use building and eleven people on the second floor had their apartments damaged.

Perhaps most affected was Jason Blair, and his friends would like to see him get back to where he once was although nothing can replace some of his personal items.

Jason’s friend Ryan Dick has started a GoFundMe page to help out so once Jason is able to go back home he can do so with clothing, bedding, a couch and any other items that can be replaced.

There has been no set date as to when Jason can re-enter his home; the damage was not only done by the fire, but firefighters had to break through the walls in order to control the blaze.

Ryan remembers when the same thing happened to him and that is what motivated him to start the fundraising page.

You can donate to the "Jason's Fire Recovery" GoFundMe page by clicking HERE.