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The Shower of Stoles is a beautiful display of LGBT faith and inspiration

Thirty unique stoles will be on display honoring the LGBT faith community.
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On Sunday June 4, thirty liturgical stoles will be on display at the Community Congregational Church of Pacific Beach where Rev. Elvin Harrison will speak about what they mean to him personally as well as the community.

The Shower of Stoles contains over 1000 of these colorful scarves and sacred items representing the LGBT community’s people of faith. These inspirational people have dedicated their lives traveling through six countries, and three continents.

Each of the vibrant stoles tells a story of the LGBT person who wore it and how they affected the lives on others by displaying leadership, compassion either by being a minister, elder, deacon, teacher, missionary, musician, administrator, or active layperson.

This rainbow collection of equality also represents how each person helped to uplift persons who have been ostracized or meant to feel less than because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The collection is also a solemn reminder of the men and women in the church who have been victims of inequality themselves even in their own faith due to prejudice or bigotry in the name of religion.

The stoles are sent in by people in the LGBT community, from family, or a friend or a loved one. A third of the stoles were given to the project anonymously.

This unique display also has contributions from clergy and other church professionals who wish not to be identified.

Some are even emboldened with the name of the church or all in the congregation so LGBT members will not be rightly identified. One thing they all have in common are stories, prayers or other inspirational messages.

 Another unique quality of the Shower of Stoles is that none are accepted from straight allies. These important men and women are represented by “signature stoles,” which are easily identified by the signatures of allies in the church, regional governing bodies, or other organizations.

This beautiful display at Community Congregational Church of Pacific Beach will contain 30 examples of this uplifting project.

Come see these wonderful pieces and listen to Rev. Elvin Harrison as he tells the stories about their importance and how they impacted his life and the life of the community.

The Shower of Stoles will be on Sunday June 4, from 9 am-10:30 am on June 4th at the Community Congregational Church of Pacific Beach.

The Community Congregational Church of Pacific Beach is located at 2088 Beryl St, San Diego, CA 92109.