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Thrilling skydive for Hillcrest friends captured on video

This past October, Hale Media publisher Johnathan Hale invited some friends to join him 13,000 feet above San Diego to partake in a group skydiving jump.
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San Diego LGBT community members and their allies unite to do a group skydiving jump.

This past October, Hale Media publisher Johnathan Hale invited some friends to join him 13,000 feet above San Diego to partake in a group skydiving jump.

Lawrence Brown, Justin Edelman, Mike Rutherford and Freddie Coviello were among the small team of jumpers who visited GoJump owned by Mike Vetter, in Oceanside to take part in the freefall.

He talked to SDGLN about his business and how taking a 13,000 foot plunge from an airplane can change your life.

Vetter, originally from Switzerland says skydiving was always a passion of his since he was a little boy and he started jumping when he was 17-years old.

Since then he has done 11,000 jumps and participated in national and world championships, and in 2012 he founded GoJump in Germany which became the biggest skydive operation in that country.

"In 2014 I met the former owner of Oceanside Skydiving and we started talking about selling the place to us.,” says Vetter. In May 2015, we finally agreed on a deal and we founded GoJump Oceanside Inc.”

Vetter adds that the reason he uprooted his wife and three boys from their home in Berlin was simple: the weather. 

With 11,000 jumps under his belt, Vetter says that people contemplating doing one on their own can be cathartic and possibly life-changing.

“It is a new perspective on life being up there instead of ‘only’ walking the earth,” he said. “I lot of skydivers have made their passion to become their full-time job too.”

However as much as the jump may change someone’s life, the first hurdle to get over might be facing the fear factor.

Vetter says that it is completely safe and if you are doing it for the first time, it is probably best to do it tandemly.

“No prior experience necessary and no real training. You just get strapped to one of our super experienced guys and up you go,” he explains. “This is the way to experience the real dream of flight from 13.000-feet without your own responsibility. Possible for everyone – I guarantee.”

There are tens of thousands of tandem skydives every year in the US and it is very safe he says.

“Skydiving in general is a very safe sport since the material and know-how has really reached levels that has made it a sport for everybody that is interested in experiencing some more adrenaline oriented activity.”

He admits that there are some people who make it all the way to the jumping altitude but chicken out just before they make the leap. He says it happens about two or three times a year, but out of 15,000 it’s a rare occurrence.

Neither Johnathan nor his friends backed out, and you can see their adventure as they jump from the plane and land safely on the ground.

Vetter says that everyone should be inspired by them and cross it off their bucket list. 

“It gives you that really strong feeling about that you have achieved something special,” he says, “leaving an aircraft while it is fully operational - and the feeling you have while freefalling - it is unmatched with anything else. Yes everybody should do it for sure!”

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