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The best cities in America for a gay-friendly retirement

Austin is considered one of the best cities for LGBT people who want to retire.
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Every retiree grapples with the “where should I retire” question. The standard measurements of suitability are weather, access to health care, affordability and recreational offerings. But members of the LGBT community, said Lori Thomas, associate editor of SeniorAdvice, also need to think about “where they will feel welcome.” 

Using SeniorScore, a data-driven algorithm that determines the most accommodating places in America for seniors, she offers this list of the best cities in the country for retirees who identify with the LGBT community.

In addition to all the usual factors, they also analyzed the overall LGBT populations per capita for each city, the presence of gay-friendly social environments, support for gay-owned businesses, and the overall level of tolerance and legal protection of the communities.

Topping the list for the best cities in America for gay-friendly retirement was Austin, Texas, where there’s an abundance of gay bars and even an Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to its array of gay-friendly accommodations and nightlife, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. came in second.

In third place was Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. The Advocate even called Minneapolis the “gayest city in America.” To check out the other 12 cities on the list, click here.