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San Diego Planning Commission will discuss the Uptown Community Plan

Closed for 30 years, Pernicano's in Hillcrest still takes up space.
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On Thursday October 6, at 9 am, the San Diego Planning Commission will address their views on the Uptown Community Plan.

The results of this plan, once agreed upon, will ultimately affect the way Hillcrest develops in the future.  

The local business community back in 2011 attended many of the meetings hosted by The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA), in wich they voiced thier growing concerns over the stunted progress of the popular district, saying they would like to see some reasonable development much like sister community Little Italy has done. 

Many of those suggestions were incorporated into the Uptown Community Plan and they will be discussed at Thursday’s meeting.

One hot-button proposal is to create a historic district in the heart of Hillcrest which might make it more difficult to develop long abandoned properties like Pernicano's on Sixth Avenue. 

The City has rejected this request, but many people are asking that it be written back in. 

Benjamin Nicholls will attend the early morning gathering and also answer any further questions business owners and the public may have about the future of Hillcrest.

"Business people have spent years and years working on this plan,” said Nicholls. “Hundreds of people attended our Hillcrest 2.0 forums back in 2010-2011. We're excited to see so many of their ideas incorporated into this plan. We need to come out and support this plan, so Hillcrest can continue to grow and develop in the right way."  

Uptown Community Plan at the San Diego Planning Commission will occur on Thursday, Oct. 6, at 9 am at City Hall, located at  202 C Street on the 12th floor.