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A small note to the community from Stephen Whitburn

A small note of thanks from Stephen Whitburn
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Stephen Whitburn - Facebook

In light of last night's public outcry for his return to the Pride board, Stephen Whitburn wrote a small note to the community this evening: 

"I want to say how deeply grateful I am for your expressions of how meaningful you've found the work we've all done together.

I am touched by your comments, overwhelmed by your support, and humbled to be a part of this tremendous community.

Thank you to the wonderful Pride volunteers and staff and community members for your kindness, and I have very much appreciated the calls from community leaders and elected officials.

It is a privilege to have your friendship. Thank you again.


Whitburn was dismissed by the Pride board earlier this month, but they have yet to give a reason why. 

This caused great concern within the community who were already questioning some of the Board's lapses in protocol such as not updating Pride meeting notes or financial statements since 2015. 

After Wednesday night's meeting a special committee was formed by both sides who will meet and discuss how to remedy the 14 grievances brought up by the community. 

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