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Trans Wiki guide provides extensive info on a growing community

Jamie Shupe creates an extensive Wiki for the transgender community.
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Jamie Shupe is the creator of Transgender.Wiki, the first tool of its kind to list the transgender men and women who have influenced the community from around the globe.

This online encyclopedia provides every topic that has affected the trans community from politics to entertainment.

The tool was created to inspire people and also to give them a place to be honored.

It's also for those who are seeking more information on a subject that may not be otherwise available in mainstream media.

Creator Shupe is a retired Sergeant First Class who made history themselves as the first person to be legally declared as non-binary in the United States.

After petitioning to have their sex changed from female to non-binary in April 2016, an Oregon Court granted that request on June 10 2016, making them the first person to be recognized in the U.S. as a third gender.

Trangender.Wiki provides not only information about transgender men and women who have influenced the community, it is also contains poetry, videos and definitions on terminology that can often be misused in the media.

The site says that Transgender.Wiki is intended, “to be a learning tool, as well as an inspirational source for those embarking on their journey.”

If you would like to add your name and story to the site, you can email them at transgenderreport@gmail.com.

You must provide “an Internet verification source such as a news article, established blog or website, or a professional organization biography.”

No comments are allowed on the site and no advertising is permitted.

For more information on Transgender.Wiki click HERE.