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New dating app is driven by the hanky color codes of yesteryear

New app uses hanky codes to match daters.
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They say everything old is new again, and one Los Angeles based software company has taken that axiom and created a new hook-up app based on the old days of hankerchief coding, or hanky coding. 

The hanky code was a popular way for gay men to communicate what postion they preferred sexually and what fetishes they were into.

The new app Sizzel is designed to appeal to gay men in the community based on that sexual social system.

After having a successful launch in Berlin, the app makes its way stateside and is so far, the only one to use the color-coded feature.

The colors are black, blue, baby blue, grey, orange, purple, red, yellow, and brown.

Checking purple means that you are into piercings, while gray means bondage.

The other colors are a little more explicit in description, but the company says there is something for everyone on Sizzel.

A subscriber can expand their preferences even further by using keywords such as leather, sports, denim, sneakers, or rubber gear in their refined search. 

The brainchild behind the app is 33-year-old Naum Mileski (pictured above left), who says it was about time to update the hanky classification for the modern age.

“Fetish fans know colors were introduced many years ago,” he said in a press release, “where gay men would wear a colored handkerchief in their back pocket to show others what they were into.”

Mileski is an avid traveler who saw how people expressed their fetishes around the world and so fascinated was he, that the inspiration for Sizzel was born.

Once you sign up for the basic Sizzel package, you will be able to view 60 profiles at a time.

The premium option is $13.99 a month and that includes access to all profiles, full media uploads and total control of the fetish filter.

The premium package also allows you to appear invisible to users for added privacy.

Sizzel can be downloaded onto all devices on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.  

Find more about Sizzel on Sizzelapp.com