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Show your pride after Pride and help clean up Hillcrest

Cleanup crew from February 2016.
Photo credit:
David Coben

San Diego Pride is a time to have fun, be proud and get to know the neighborhood. But what happens when the party’s over and the remnants of a good time still litter the streets?

On Monday, July 18, Hillcrest Town Council will host the Post-Pride Cleanup!

This volunteer driven event is a popular one which joins people together to rid the streets of papers, plastic cups and other items abandoned after Pride.

David E. Coben of the Hillcrest Town Council Board of Directors says that more than 50 people signed up for the last cleanup in February and even though it was a dirty job, he made it a fun one.

“A lot of smiles, a lot of pictures, I think generally speaking everyone really and truly enjoyed themselves,” Coben told SDGLN. “I received a lot of positive praise afterwards via email.”

He is hoping to get triple the volunteers for the Hillcrest Post-Pride Cleanup next week.  

“I plan to have four teams starting at both ends and in the middle, which should dramatically reduce the workload and timeline to a quarter of what it would be if we were all in one line. I try to make this as painless and as fun as possible by exact planning and a little pre-staging.”

To show their appreciation for the volunteers who take pride in the neighborhood after Pride, Urban Mo’s will be having a social get-together called “Trash Talk’ with complimentary appetizers and drinks for volunteers.

French-fusion restaurant Pardon My French is sponsoring a breakfast for the team and Hillcrest Business Association is providing their vibrant tees. 

If you’re curious about what item is most picked up after Pride, well it seems to be cigarette butts, but oddly the second most abandoned item is furniture.

Supplies and t-shirts will be provided. Sunscreen, hats, comfortable shoes, and lots of water is recommended!

Hillcrest Post-Pride Cleanup will be held on Monday, July 18, from 8 am to noon. 

The Urban Mo's "Trash Talk" social will be held after the clean up. Urban Mo's is located at 308 University Ave, San Diego, CA.

For more information and to sign-up contact David Coben at hillcrestcleanteam@gmail.com.