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'Pride Cloak' is an ingenious fashion statement for LGBT celebrations

Wearable cape drenched in Pride.
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Cloaked in Pride

A team of San Diego based clothing innovators have finally solved the problem of showing your pride while still being prepared for any type of weather during LGBT celebrations.

The company “Cloaked in Pride” saw the need for people who want to bring a rainbow flag to the celebration but want to remain hands-free for other things.

Perhaps inspired by the storm that made several natural rainbows at San Diego Pride last year, the company introduces the hooded Pride Cloak.

“Our goal is simple,” said Marketing Manager Mark S. Burke, “to create a sense of unity and empowerment among members of the LGBT community when wearing the cloak at Pride festivals, parades, and other social events.”

Burke says the cloak was designed by two of his friends and is made of durable nylon, with a hood and zip-up front and comes in small, medium and large. They will sell for $35 each (with discount). 

“People wear flags around their waists all the time and they thought why not create one that you can wear,” Burke said. “Something very simple yet very cool and innovative I think.”

As they prepare for the official launch of the product, pre-sale orders will go live sometime this week, they encourage people to go to their website and sign up to get alerts for when the cloak will be available to order.

Burke also says that people will get a 30% discount ($35) on initial orders. 

Head on over HERE  and sign up to be notified when this wearable pride flag will be available for purchase.