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Back Out With Benny: Writing from the heart

I’ve been writing columns for local LGBT publications for more than a decade and sometimes it’s just really hard to think of topics to write about.

Sometimes, I’m fired up or excited about something and my fingers work magic and whip something out in minutes. Other times I sit for hours trying to think of something that will resonate with readers and get people talking.

This week was one of those weeks.

I wrote introductions to about seven different column topics, but just couldn’t carry them through (I’ve saved all of those paragraphs and will certainly revisit them if the inspiration hits). Then I had several ideas for columns that sounded fun (sex, dating, hookup apps) but they’ve all been done before.

So there I sat at Babycakes, wine in hand, staring at the screen, wishing for some magic inspiration. “Writer’s block” is rare for me, but when it hits, it’s painful.

Then suddenly, like my wishes were being addressed by some higher power, a man I’ll call “Mr. Wizard” approached me. He asked if my name was Benny and if I write a column for the “Gay News of San Diego” (he meant Gay San Diego, but he was close enough). I told him yes and that it was funny he had asked at this very moment, since I was in the process of trying to pen my next column and was struggling to come up with something.

Mr. Wizard then asked if he could sit down and although my first thought was that he was just going to suck up a lot of my time talking my ear off, I agreed. He started out by asking why I like to write. He wanted to know the purpose and whether I was just doing it for attention, or hoped to make a difference with my writing.

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