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'San Diego Lady Links' offers women golfers a place to play, learn

San Diego Lady Links Founder Vicky R. Minneti
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Vicky R. Minneti - Facebook

San Diego has many wonderful activities for the LGBT community, including sailing, bar crawls and sports clubs.

One club that has been around since 1996 is the San Diego Lady Links Golf Club.

This organization offers women golfers’ opportunities to get out onto the fairways of San Diego’s best golf courses.

They also offer affordable green fees and even take group trips to Mexico and Hawaii.

The Lady Links webpage says that they are a diverse group of women who join up about once or twice a month to play a friendly game of golf. It’s not an organized competition and players are there merely to have fun.

They accept all skill-levels and don’t pair teams according to experience. They also don’t keep a handicapping system with the feeling that people who are just joining the sport need support and guidance, therefore each team is a blend of experience.

Lady Links was started by Vicky R. Minneti, a Marine who at one time served under Joints Chief of Staff, Collin Powell. Minetti got the golfing bug after she retired from the service in 1995.

The decorated Marine took golf classes at Mesa College before taking private lessons under the tutelage of Cindy Kelliher. This mentor relationship would eventually give Vicky the skill she needed to tee off with confidence.

Vicky wanted to provide that same support and acceptance to other golfers and hence “Lady Links” was born.

If you decide to become a member, you will pay a $35 annual membership fee, and $5 per event.

If you are interested in becoming a member contact organizers at gr8tputt@aol.com

Or check out their Facebook page at ladylinks@groups.facebook.com