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Back Out With Benny: Living our own lives

Since I only write this column once a month, all sorts of ideas swirl through my head over the weeks about what my next topic should be. Sometimes, I come up with a good one, note it, and slam out a great column.

Other times, I get good ideas but don’t have enough information or interest to fully develop it. And other times, something happens in my life or in the news that I really want to touch on.

And this month, just as I was finishing my original column idea (you’ll see that one next month), we saw the news that a man who says he took PrEP (the once-daily pill that prevents HIV transmission) regularly became infected with a rare drug-resistant strain of HIV. While I’m sorry to hear this happened, I still stand by PrEP and it’s effectiveness (one case of out 40,000-plus users of PrEP is an incredibly low infection rate).

While many other columnists and articles have discussed this case at length, and shared many great reasons why we shouldn’t give up on PrEP, what alarmed me most was the (unsurprising) amount of sex-shaming that popped back up on social media and in some personal conversations.

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