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Aunt Johnny: Dissing Naomi, rejecting Lindsay and punking Elton

Ever since Naomi Campbell appeared on Oprah to discuss her issues with anger management, she hasn't been any fun at all. She hasn't beat up one single servant in weeks - and quite frankly, I'm beginning to get concerned.

Pop Op: International relations

With Arizona passing the stupidest immigration law ever, I thought it was time for me to travel south of the border on a little peace ambassador mission to improve international relations.

The name game

Ever since I was little I tried to like it, but as the years passed I never warmed to my assigned name. To me, Courtney felt like it belonged in a genre of blonde hair flippers and gum smackers prone to rampant giggling.

A mother's love is always worth the wait

Being gay, many of us have special, unique, or challenging relationships with our mothers. Some of my friends have totally accepting moms, who go so far as to party at Urban Mo’s with them.

Women's Fest coming to The Center on May 8

Learn new skills, celebrate your creativity, build a stronger women's community and gain access to essential health care resources designed especially for you. This free event is May 8 at The Center.

A moment of thanks

Today I turned 30 years old and this then lead me to start thinking about people in my life that I have looked up to and viewed as role models. While there are many people that have shaped who I am today, I really started to think about the gay men that have been central parts of my growth.