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Back Out With Benny: The month of love

January is my least favorite month. It’s dark and cold, and the festive lights and cheer that hide the dark and cold in December mostly go away. Then of course there’s the pressure to start something new or change habits in the form of New Year’s resolutions, which in most cases, get pushed back with excuses as each day passes in January.

That is why I so love the arrival of February — what many people call “the month of love.” The defeat of failed New Year’s resolutions has passed and things seem back on track and “normal” again. The warmer, lighter part of the year also seems within reach come February with daylight saving time returning on Sunday, March 13 and the spring season following just about a week later. I also happen to be a sucker for all things Valentine’s Day, including the decorations, romance, chocolate, and love.

With all this talk about “love” in February, it’s gotten me thinking a lot about the greater concept of love and what it means to us as human beings and as a community. As I’ve mentioned in previous columns, I’ve been working hard to love myself more, be it in the health and fitness choices I make, along with the relationships I form. I’m learning to say “no” a lot more and letting my desires and ambitions guide my course in life, not the needs and wants of others.

I’d also like to see our community practice a bit more love toward each other.

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