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The Hillcrest Town Council wants to hear resident's neighborhood priorities for 2016

The Hillcrest Town Council's (HTC) first meeting of the year is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 12 from 6:30-8 pm, and all residents (renters and owners alike) are encouraged to attend to share their thoughts on what the organization should focus on in 2016.

Time will be set aside for meeting attendees to have the opportunity to introduce themselves and share about what neighborhood issues they would like to see HTC work on this year. Some suggested topics include parking issues; bicycles; construction; homelessness; schools; sidewalks; trees; parking; and political representation, but all ideas will be taken down and considered.

Also on the agenda is a presentation by Claudia Mejia, the Community Outreach Representative for the University Pipeline Replacement Project. She'll share an overview of the project and give updates on its progress.

Community and elected official representatives will also be in attendance to provide updates.

The new Hillcrest Domino's Pizza store located at 126 W. Washington St. has generously donated pizza for the meeting, so community members are encouraged to arrive early to get something to eat.

The meeting will be held at the Joyce Beers Community Center, located at 3900 Vermont St. in the HUB Shopping Center.

For more information, visit HTC's website.