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San Diego Democrats for Equality celebrate 40 years

The San Diego Democrats for Equality are celebrating 40 years of working within the Democratic Party and greater community to further progressive values and candidates — and they’re ready to celebrate!

The club will host a 40th Anniversary Brunch on Sunday, Nov. 7, featuring former Assembly Speaker John Perez with current and past club members, and the general community is also invited.

The mission statement of San Diego Democrats for Equality sums up well what the organization has sought to do for the past four decades: “a progressive democratic LGBT and allies San Diego-based organization that aims to unify and organize all those interested in supporting and furthering progressive democratic values guaranteed to all Americans regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, class, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or age.”

Since its founding in 1975, the club has worked hard to support both candidates and issues that benefit LGBT equality. In fact, the club was named the San Diego Democratic Club until mid-2011 when the organization decided to rebrand itself as San Diego Democrats for Equality.

According to the club, back in 1975, there was an overall lack of support for LGBT issues within San Diego politics, even among Democrats.

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