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New Year's Resolutions

Benny Cartwright vows to stop walking into screen doors, tripping up stairs, and knocking over wine displays at local grocery stores.

Filth2Go: 12.28.2009

Mariah Carey showed herself to be a true friend to our community. After hearing from a young gay man that his partner would only marry him if he got to meet Mariah, she arranged to bring the couple onstage during a performance.

An American tourist: London

Whether it is for shopping, tourism, or just another gay scene, London at Christmas-time is fabulous.

Rise and shine, decline to sign

Unfortunately, gay marriage will almost certainly be back on the ballot in 2010 because the re-activists will secure enough signatures this spring and summer. So what’s going to happen? Expect a Prop 8 repeat; except this time, much worse.

Blurbs from a breeder: I’ll buy you a diet coke if you have my baby

Jay was a gay teenager born without the filtration system that separates thoughts from statements. One day, as we were eating frosting packets from the local mall’s Cinnabon, I caught his eyes drifting toward my lower body. Fearing that Lake Oswego was about to lose its singular homosexual, I asked Jay why his eyes were burning a hole through my jeans.

‘Tis the season for parties

Before the Christmas season came I was actually quite worried that there wouldn’t be very many parties this year because people seem to be in such an economic crunch. I was wrong.

Filth2Go: December 19, 2009

Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than my annual trip to the UK for a week of theatre. To kick things off, my first story is about Pamela Anderson. Huh? It's true - when the annals (or anals) of British theatre are compiled, a tiny footnote will be about the "Baywatch" beauty's debut on the legitimate stage in a production of "Aladdin".

Pop Op: Priceless

Travis Bone wants to know- what is the price of a good time?

Just a Brit of a change…

After just three weeks, it was clear that I had made the right decision. Friendly people, blazing sunshine and fun-filled nights were my experiences of San Diego.