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On the fast track to a major milestone

My friends and acquaintances that are younger than me, especially my gay male friends, seem to look at 30 as sort of the end of life. They can’t fathom being such an age and sometimes speak about my turning 30 in sort of a friendly “I feel sorry for you” type of way. I’m not ready to join the AARP just yet.

Czyczynska: The heart of San Diego can be found in the women

I’ve been reading the newly released survey titled “The Economic Self-Sufficiency and Security of Women in San Diego County: Exploring Opportunities for Impact”, it is the first-ever, wide ranging study of the financial health of San Diego females.

Legal Commentary: Blogging helps the GLBT equality fight

Wanting to focus on each individual as well as the GLBT group, I began my talk by introducing myself. Moments into this introduction, however, I was interrupted by a question wanting to know what my PGP is. I had never heard of this before.

Pop Op: Take 2

Why did I do it? Because I wanted things to be different and it had become a habit (albeit a bad one and one that I am ashamed of... but that’s why I'm working through it here). The whole thing got me to thinking, do old habits die hard?

Commentary: Reaching out, one panel at a time

“No, but I’ve always wondered, dude. How can these gay people, like, find other gay people to date and stuff, you know? Like, do they just come up to someone and ask whether they’re gay and want to date like that? That’s just so weird.”

Sickness is as sickness does

After receiving a fairly clean a bill of health from my doctor, with no underlying health issues, the diagnosis was stress. Not necessarily all the bad kind of stress, but a variety of things, including forgetting about my own self-care.

We can play too!

Flag football may not sound like an intense sport, but people that say this have never witnessed one of the games, where men and even a few women give it their all in a sport that - more often than not - involves full contact. Dirt, sweat, and occasionally, blood and tears accompany many of the games.

Perhaps our privacy settings are set too high

How often is “fine” your response to “how’s it going?” Better yet, how often is your question, “how’s it going?” only a rote greeting with no intention to hear the response?