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My wake-up call on friendships

My most cherished friends are the people with whom I share my deepest thoughts, feelings and secrets. With these friends, I can call them day or night, as many times as I want, to laugh, cry, or even just talk about random nothingness; and they are a huge part of who I am as a person.

Women and symphony orchestras

Whenever I attend an orchestra concert, I do a quick assessment of how many female musicians are on stage.

Beulah Magruder is outliving all of us

When Beulah Magruder’s high school reunion rolled around, she boarded an Amtrak train to transport her from San Diego to the Iowa countryside. She was 96 years old.

Blurbs from a Bleeder: Flirting in the tampon aisle

And then there’s the grocery store. Like the gym, it provides a quick glimpse into the world of your potential date. You need only to peruse the contents of that hottie’s cart to learn whether you want to climb onboard that ride.

I sleep better because of one woman

She is a tall, lioness of a woman with the mane and voice to rival any male that could challenge her. She is Danielle Lo Presti.

My hero, Sally Ride

When Sally Ride blasted into space, she ignited the imaginations of girls worldwide.

Holy diaper duty! I'm just too busy for a stroller right now

Don’t get me wrong - I love my nieces, cousins, and little brother very much. They are great kids and are family! But I have created such a busy, active lifestyle that children don’t have much of a place in my schedule.