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Lighten up by letting go

As he sat there munching on a McDonald’s double cheeseburger and a large Pinkberry yogurt, my first instinct was to judge him.

Filth2Go: January 15, 2010

Then I read a story that women in DC who are picked up on suspicion of prostitution have actual charges pressed if they have three or more condoms on their person. The police explain that condoms are a factor - along with the suspects congregating with at least one other person.

Pop Op: Why can’t we be friends?

I have a problem- and it has everything to do with my boyfriend, or more specifically, the fact that I have one. It seems like the planets have aligned in such a way as to make every guy I have ever thought was cute now throw himself at me.

Filth2Go January 8, 2009

Tiger Woods may have had gay lovers! Note the word "may." That's because the allegation is coming from one of his mistresses - a dubious source at best.

Protecting a brand or taking a stand?

Every year, the LGBT community gets whipped by our opponents in the fundraising game. Have you ever wondered why?

Thanks for flying

It had been years since I’d flown on a plane and I was a virgin to the new security procedures. And at that moment, I was having my traveling cherry popped by a burly woman with a voice like a buzzsaw. Merry Christmas to me.

Reality Check: Dating in an on-line world

I just got back to work after taking two solid weeks of vacation. While on vacation, I found myself with a bit more time on my hands, and my internet browser frequently directed itself to a number of websites that I usually do not have much time to visit.

Filth2go: January 4, 2010

File this under the "That Didn't Take Long" department - reps have confirmed that Rosie O'Donnell has a new girlfriend.

Pop-OP: The joys of the holiday season

Packing for Chicago has become an adventure for me, especially when I get word from Nick that with the wind chill it is 18 degree below! So for a weekend trip I ended up with a big suitcase; but in my defense, I will say that it also contained a number of Christmas presents that would not be making the return trip with me.