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Uptown Planners board election scheduled for tonight

SAN DIEGO, California -- The Uptown Planners will hold their annual board election tonight from 6 to 6:30 pm, needing to fill seven seats.

The Uptown Planners Board is an advisory board to the City of San Diego regarding land use and development projects in the neighborhoods of Bankers Hill, Hillcrest, Mission Hills and University Heights. Review of projects by the board is a part of the approval process for discretionary projects and new development.

Any resident, property or business owner in the Uptown Planning Area may vote in tonight's election, upon showing proper proof in the form of a driver's license, utility bill, tax bill, business license, or rent receipt (any document with the individual's name and street address).

Individuals may vote for up to seven candidates on the ballot, with voting beginning upon the meeting being called to order.

Uptown Planners has listed the following candidates as of the time of the publishing of the meeting agenda.

1. Michael Brennan (Hillcrest)

2. Chris Cole (Middletown/Mission Hills)

3. Neil Ferrier (Hillcrest/ University Heights)

4. Kyle Heiskala (Hillcrest)

5. Nancy Moor (Bankers Hill/Park West)

6. Jay Newington (Bankers Hill/Park West)

7. Jennifer Pesqueira (Five Points/Middletown)

8. Ken Tablang (Mission Hills)

9. Mat Wahlstrom (Hillcrest)

The meeting and voting will take place at the Joyce Beers Community Center in the HUB, 3900 Vermont St.

Additional information is HERE.