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San Diego Pride to offer legal clinic

SAN DIEGO, California -- San Diego LGBT Pride and Tom Homann LGBT Law Association have teamed up again to provide a legal resource clinic that will hear the legal concerns of LGBT community members and provide resource contact information to help individuals further their goals.

The partnership will provide walk-in services with attorneys that can assess legal questions and refer participants to appropriate resources to aid them in obtaining assistance with legal needs on Thursday, Nov. 13 from 5:30-7:30 pm at the San Diego Pride office. Walk-in registration begins at 5 pm.

At the clinic, attorneys will be available who practice in areas of family law, civil rights, employment law, civil harassment, probate, real estate and land use, and immigration. In addition, attorneys will be able to assist people with locating resources to answer questions regarding other areas of law, or direct them to relevant legal contacts.

Pre-registration is not necessary to attend, but is encouraged. To pre-register, please email your name, telephone number and the topic of your legal question to legal@sdpride.org.

San Diego Pride shared the following disclaimer.

We are not offering legal counsel or advice. Our efforts are meant to provide a medium that can put members of our community in touch with resources that can offer assistance. Meeting with an attorney at the resource clinic does not in any way create an attorney client relationship. Please realize all claims and legal matters have strict deadlines, called statute of limitations, in which you must act within required time periods or your claim could be barred in whole or in part.

The San Diego Pride office is located at 3620 30th St. in North Park.

Additional information is HERE.