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Hillcrest Town Council to elect Uptown Parking District board member

SAN DIEGO, California -- The next Hillcrest Town Council (HTC) meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 9 from 6:30-8 pm with the primary agenda item being the election of a Hillcrest-based board member for the Uptown Parking Community District (UCPD).

UCPD recommends to the City of San Diego how to spend the 45% of the parking meter fees collected that are earmarked for the local community to address parking related issues. Currently, the Hillcrest portion of the fees is around 3-million dollars. However, only a fraction of that is spent in a single year.

The HTC is responsible for holding elections to fill two of the 14 UCPD board positions. Directors serve for three years and are elected starting in different years.

This year there is an open position starting in October that needs to be filled by an election held by the HTC at September's Community Meeting. Nominations for the board should be submitted to the HTC before the September meeting so that ballots can be prepared. Contact HTC here to make a nomination.

Also on the agenda is a presentation on San Diego’s Climate Action Plan by Nicole Capretz, who works for the city and recently served as Environmental Policy Director under Interim Mayor Todd Gloria. She previously served as Associate Director at Environmental Health Coalition where she managed the Green Energy/Good Jobs Campaign and worked to reduce San Diego's carbon footprint, maximize the use of local renewable energy, and create green jobs in low-income communities. Capretz also served as senior policy adviser for San Diego City Councilmember Donna Frye.

She will talk to the HTC about the current draft of the City's Climate Action Plan, which she helped to draft. Capretz will also answer questions about local sustainability issues.

The meeting will also include a time for community members to make comments and ask questions about community issues and representatives from several local elected official’s offices will be in attendance to give updates.

The meeting will take place at the Joyce Beers Community Center located in the HUB Hillcrest Market off of Vermont Street.

Additional information is HERE.