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VIDEO: Insider Talk - Being gay at Google

Google employee discusses the benefits of working for an inclusive, equality-mindful company; and LGBT Google employees release "It Gets Better" video.

Hitting the town with Benny: Deadlines and Dragons

This year with little time to plan, my costume may be amazing, it may be dull, or it may even be a tragic mess, but I am looking forward to spending the weekend with friends celebrating a gays’ favorite holiday! Check out some of the Halloween and non-Halloween events going on around town.

Fruit Fly in the City: It’s “Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang” and sex 24/7

Perhaps cheating is just a universal fact. While I have the perfect example of a beautiful gay monogamous relationship living with me in the same house, it appears that even in the gay world, with all of the available sex 24/7, they too have their own set of cheating problems.

Bad Lieutenant, Dan Choi

But it isn't just getting kicked out of the military that irks him. He's also not happy about being kicked off Grindr — four times.