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Gum removal project begins on Hillcrest sidewalks

SAN DIEGO -- Last month, the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) purchased a hydro-powered gum-removing machine to de-gum the streets of Hillcrest.

The western sidewalk of Fifth Ave. between Robinson and University Avenues was the first section to receive the gum-removal treatment on Dec. 9. After being pleased with the machine’s results, the HBA voted on Dec. 17 to apply the gum-removal machine’s prowess to Robinson Ave., Sixth Ave., more of Fifth Ave., among other high-traffic areas in Hillcrest.

The HBA also approved the purchase of a water-reclamation machine to be used in conjunction with the gum-removal machine, which will cut costs and man-hours.

(Editor's note: This post originally appeared on SDGLN media partner San Diego Uptown News.)