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Legally LGBT: So what about civil unions?

You may have heard about the latest developments in the fight for marriage equality. Illinois and Hawaii both passed marriage equality through the state legislature recently. New Jersey’s path to marriage is a bit different. A court challenge was filed in state court and before the challenge made it to a full decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court, the New Jersey Supreme Court stepped in at an earlier stage to indicate it was likely to rule in favor of the challengers. In response, The New Jersey Attorney General withdrew its opposition to the challenge, giving marriage to the entire state.

Like California soon before them, all of these states had either civil unions or domestic partnerships in the law before the passage of marriage.

Some might be wondering why marriage is such a big deal if these states already had either civil unions or domestic partnerships. For many the distinction is obvious. Some see civil unions and domestic partnerships as a sort of “separate but equal,” just a consolation prize states use to get the activists to leave them alone.

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