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My Big Fat Gay Wedding Expo comes to LA

LOS ANGELES -- With same-sex marriage now legal in California at both the state and federal level, gay couples are turning their attention to the real challenge: choosing a caterer. And a florist, photographer, videographer, limo service, tuxedo rental, invitation designer, hairstylist, makeup artist and the 1,001 other elements that comprise a 21st-century wedding.

So on a warm Sunday in November, the first Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Wedding Expo is taking place at the Los Angeles Athletic Club downtown.

People have questions. For one, they are asking wedding planner Michael Habicht about his skills. "They want experience," he says. "If you've only got two years, they don't want to be bothered."

With 15 years in the trenches, Habicht is a wedding veteran. Mainly the ones he's done have been for straight couples, but next year he expects to double the number of gay weddings he'll be planning.

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