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Fashionably Out: The hot men of Instagram

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get almost anything through Social Media: information, entertainment, hot dates, inspiration.

The idea of transporting into a different world through one’s smartphone by the touch of a button has never been more appealing- especially when it involves attractive human beings sent from heavenly above! Can I get an amen, darlings?!

This week, your fashion messiah will show the light on a handful of boys who preach their personal style through Instagram. Boys who not only were touched with good genes during creation, but know more than just the basic rules about men’s fashion.

Nilton Santos (@ENNEDEE), is a New Yorker whose Instagram page features an array of New York buildings, street art, shoes, and head-to-toe selfies tagged inside the Empire State Building. It would be credible to believe that Nilton invented “Casual Fridays,” given how confident he poses in front of that mirror accessorizing himself with a Rolex watch and a couple of arm candy pieces.

From suiting up in Hugo Boss and Marc Jacobs for a wedding, to opting for a pair of pink shorts (and nothing else) for a pool party, Nilton knows how to play within his personal style! Tip of advice from yours truly: this guy incorporates carry-all bags and high top shoes to his workday outfits without taking away from his attractive masculinity.

Warren Alfie Baker (@ALFIEBAKERSTYLE), runs all of the fashion editorial for Bello Magazine in Los Angeles, and uses Instagram to not only post jaw-dropping clients like Galaxy soccer player Robbie Rogers and actor Josh Dallas sporting Alfie’s well-selected styling, but also his own eclectic personal style.

Adding different textures to his clothing executions, such as playing with various prints, to adding a navy blue knit tie to a jean and chambray ensemble. Alfie understands the concept behind cuffed jeans, and treats the contrast as an invitation to a mere relaxed look. Gentlemen: if adding print pieces to your everyday outfits scares you, Alfie showcases an array of ways to incorporate print without sticking out like a sore thumb!

Phillip Lawrence Hunter (@PHILLIPHUNTER), an Australian and well-built hunky, attracts many of his followers through the way he captures candid (yet stylish) moments alongside friends, family and cute puppies.

Phillip understands that with versatility, there are no boundaries when it comes to personal style, and he emphasizes exactly that through every styling post! Known for his signature Garrett Leight frames (which perfectly complement his well-chiseled jaw line), this Sydney gentleman loves adding a twist to his everyday ensembles - from pairing a pair of crimson pants with a blue and white outfit, to dressing like your modern lumberjack in a puffy vest over a chambray outfit. Phillip keeps his personal style conservative, yet makes it stand out by the layers he adds to his white dress shirt.

Pete Gordon Dickin (@PETEGDD), a personal shopper for TopMan in Melbourne, Australia, could easily be mistaken for a Wilhelmina model by the well-angled shots on his Instagram!

Pete’s forte lies within that street style look that so many of us gather inspiration from! But unlike many self-proclaimed fashionistas harassing the use of Tumblr and Pinterest, Pete’s style is the perfect marriage of high fashion editorial and something you would notice walking out of SoHo’s TopMan store. From leather pants to sweatpants, this man’s style speaks nothing but redefined playfulness through an approachable lens!

As we bow our heads in thankfulness for the endless opportunities that lie within these four stylish men through Instagram, let us remind ourselves that though there might be more creative men with similar taste out there, these are the ones Mr. Carrie Bradshaw has bestowed upon you.

I could go on and on with this sermon, but your fashionista is running late for a champagne date, which you can check on Instagram to see how chic his outfit was for that!

Christian Baez is a style influencer, born and raised in San Diego. His specialties include fashion writing, personal styling, and promoting emerging fashion businesses. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Mrchristianbaez@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.