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SAN DIEGO -- Aging is a natural part of the life cycle and everyone deserve the highest quality care during their golden years. Unique Homecare is an agency dedicated to providing a level of care that is above and beyond its competitors, by providing elderly companions who are skilled and experienced professionals committed to establishing and maintaining up close and personal relationships.

The company, which has been in business in San Diego for three years, is dedicated to ensuring that its staff have the utmost qualifications to care of the elderly loved ones in our lives. To do this, all employees go through a criminal background check, a personal interview, submission of proof of experience/certification/training, qualified written references which are precisely screened, and accurate, specific proof of identification.

And Unique Homecare's sister company has been providing in-home services for 15 years, serving six states along the East Coast.

Unique Homecare also understands the unique experiences of LGBT elderly people living in care settings. Lisa Marsolais, the company's director of marketing and operations, had an eye opening experience after seeing a documentary by Stu Maddox called "Gen Silent." The documentary exposes the care systems currently in place and the atrocities that go on "under the radar" for many LGBT elderly people.

"[Seeing 'Gen Silent'] really opened my eyes to this epidemic and shook me so much to know this is even an issue, that I told myself I needed to become the change needed to afford ALL PEOPLE the dignity and respect they deserve," Marsolais told SDGLN. "I am still shaken by the fact that in this year, the year 2013, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender folks are being forced back into the closet. Now, understand, I am not naïve and understand there is a lot of work to be done, but I encourage everyone to take in this very touching film … and please, don’t forget your tissues, it really is heart-breaking."

Marsolais took time to tell us more about the business and its services:

What is your background in this field?

I am a Certified Home Care Manager, Alzheimer’s Certified, CAHSAH Certified, and an NPDA member, a member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and a BBB Accredited Business and currently working on Hospice Certification. My background is marketing; however I have been a caregiver by default my entire life. Unofficially and unaware to me at the time, I was my grandmothers caregiver at a very young age. She passed away due to complications with emphysema. I was only 11 years old and it absolutely broke my heart. I have had many folks touch my life and have been told that what I do has touched their life as well and this makes me truly happy.

Tell us in a few sentences what services you provide or what you do.

We help people; it’s as simple as that. In everything we do, we do with LOVE … Not only are we dedicated to the senior population, we also provide child care and post-operative recovery care. Our caregivers and nurses are 100% our employees and we have done our due diligence in ensuring our employees check out 100% with the federal and state government as well as the counties of residence. We also ensure our employees are free of infectious disease, such as TB and we make sure they are trained on dealing with caring for someone with an infectious disease. Another certification our employees have company-wide is their CPR certification. Ongoing training is also offered through our community resources such as hospice, rehabilitation centers and other industry associations. Each person is unique and with that said each has an individual need and we cater to that need; however I will list just some of our many services to get you thinking about how we can help YOU!

Some of our services include: personal assistance with shopping, meal planning, running errands, transportation to doctor visits and note taking for future review, bathing, toileting, organizing, cooking meals, assistance in walking; companionship like: long talks and socialization; cognitive stimulation: board games, puzzles, conversation … and so much more that you’ll just have to give us a call and tell us what you need! Our care is on an as needed basis; use us as little as you want or as much as you need. We are available hourly, live-in 24 hours and for emergency care or as respite for the family caregiver that just needs some time to regroup.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We are as unique as each of our clients, each with their own need and their own story and we respect that. We offer personalized care tailored to the need of the individual. Also, I personally meet each and every client and their family member as well as each and every employee to get to know each as well as match the appropriate people together.

I put myself into the shoes of the caregiver and help on the job until everyone is comfortable and accustomed to each other, so I can say I have worked this job & I know that Mrs. S. likes "ABC" in the morning and needs "XYZ" at night. I never allow any of my caregivers to go to a new client without me on the first day, as I do not want a person just opening their door to anyone who knocks. My clients know me, they call me even for the littlest thing, because they trust me and they know I am their advocate and they are like an extended part of the family.

If someone is deciding on a service that you provide, why should they choose your company?

Unique Homecare is not just a name, we offer care as unique as you are. Care plans designed to fit your needs on your time.

In closing, Marsolais said, "If you take nothing away from this write up, please do not forget to check out 'Gen Silent' and please share. Change will come … the louder our voice! Thanks for reading about Unique Homecare!"

Unique Homecare's office is located at 1761 Hotel Circle South, Ste. 370, in San Diego.

To contact them, call 888-493-6124 or visit them online HERE.