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Fashionably Out: Having more fun with your tops this summer

For some of you, summer is a time of reinvention. A time where mocha soy lattes are put on hold and substituted with protein shakes, Kylie Minogue's latest album, and an unlimited gym membership to work on that body you've been covering up until now.

For others, summer is the perfect excuse to show off that physique you've been slowly revealing your 4k followers via Instagram for the past couple of months.

And regardless of where you stand this year, we can all agree on one thing: Nothing brings us all closer together every summer like tank tops do. And, ironically, nothing else tears my heart apart like witnessing a multitude wearing these tops in boring ensembles.

A lot of boys have the misconception that tank tops are meant to be worn with a pair of board shorts and sandals - regardless of whether they know how to surf or not. Gentlemen, below are some quick and easy enlightenments on how to make the most out of your tank tops!

Tanks are some of the most versatile pieces a man can have in their wardrobe this summer - it's just knowing how to incorporate them into your every day life!

Your style guru's personal favorite? Adding a graphic tank with a pair of dark jeans, nice shoes, and layered over a fitted blazer. This look gives a sense of fresh sophistication that can easily be carried out throughout your every day adventure! Too hot for a blazer? Show off those arms during the day, then cover yourself up with a lightweight cardigan!

Looking for something more playful and sun-exposed? Opt for any of the tertiary colors in the color wheel, and try some color blocking! Make sure you pick colors that will only complement your skin tone, and not wash you out and make you look too pale or too ashy. As seen on the picture above, a plain aqua colored tank paired with tangerine shorts was your style guru's go-to for this year's Pride festivities!

Want a more sporty look? Rhode Island's very own bootleg Carrie Bradshaw, Alexander Palmieri, is the boy to look at for inspiration. Pairing a graphic tank with shorts and sneakers is done right when adding a pop of color to brighten up your ensemble. Whether it be a pair of cobalt blue shorts or neon Vans, the key here is to avoid monochromatic pieces.

And because your style influencer is all about living glamorously, you can bet on him on creating an ensemble and werq-ing it just like his momma taught him! As seen on the picture below, a monochromatic outfit looks androgynous and edgy when paired with a loud tank top- something all of WeHo would kill for!

And now boys, go forth and wear those tops proudly. And stylish.

Christian Baez is a style influencer, born and raised in San Diego. His specialties include fashion writing, personal styling, and promoting emerging fashion businesses. For business inquiries, he can be reached at Mrchristianbaez@gmail.com or via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.

Photo captions

Top left: Color blocking for Pride.

Middle left: Enhance monochromatic look with a touch of sparkle.

Bottom left: From Lanvin's SpringSummer 2014 collection.