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Alibi's Before I die ... wall unveils its "Best of the Year"

SAN DIEGO -- To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the popular "Before I die ..." art installation on the outside wall of Hillcrest's Alibi, the bar unveiled the "Best of the Year" on Saturday during Pride weekend.

Inspired by the “Before I Die” project, Andrew Barajas’s creation consists of a public wall space covered with chalkboard paint, then stenciled with the words “Before I die I want to …” followed by blank lines, inviting passersby to grab a piece of chalk and finish the sentence with whatever they wish.

Since its installation last summer the wall has continued to be a popular installation, attracting crowds every single day. The wall was resurfaced in June because of its heavy use. The lines are filled almost immediately after the wall's regular cleanings by bar staff.

The "Best of the Year" was unveiled Saturday morning an hour before the annual San Diego LGBT Pride Parade, as thousands of people were descending upon the street to gather to watch the parade.

The "best" statements were put into three categories: "Whimsy," "Serious," and "Travel." Here are the winners:

Before I die I want to ...


... Not suffer from A.D.D.

... Finally know, who let the dogs out?

... Frame Obama for Elvis's death

... See my boyfriend and husband get along

... Become a cunning linguist


... See my daughter survive chemo

... Give grandma a final kiss goodbye

... Go on Maury and not be the father

... Have three or four successful marriages

... Get married, now I can!


... Visit Vietnam - this time as a tourist!

... Visit Chernobyl, Ukraine - briefly!

... Go to Mars - round trip!

... Eat at the Fat Duck, U.K.

... Go home to Neptune

The wall is located on the Richmond Street side of the Alibi Bar, which is located at 1403 University Ave.