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TODAY is 7-11 which means its Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven

It’s July 11, or 7/11, the day each year that a certain convenience store chain celebrates as 7-Eleven Day. That’s the official name anyway. Most customers know July 11 simply as Free Slurpee Day.

In what’s become an annual event, 7-Eleven stores are giving away one free Slurpee per customer on July 11. Besides generating goodwill among customers, the event has proved curiously successful in boosting sales of Slurpees on the day of the giveaway.

It’s understandable that sales of other items spike on Free Slurpee Day, what with many customers picking up a Slim Jim or bag of chips to go with their free Slurpee. The increase in Slurpee sales on the day they’re handed out for free may come as more of a surprise. But apparently what happens is that customers often wind up wanting a bit more Slurpee than what’s provided in the free sample size, so they purchase a larger slushy drink after getting a complimentary taste.

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